Individual holiday on Lanzarote

We offer a wide selection of very well-maintained apartments and bungalows for a relaxing holiday in the north of Lanzarote. Here you will find self-catering fully equipped villas, bungalows and apartments.

Naturism on Lanzarote and in Charco del Palo

Lanzarote is very popular among nudists because of his nude bathing opportunities. Uniquely, however, is the officially approved naturist area Charco del Palo, often known as Castillo de Papagayo.

We offer beautiful and well-maintained apartments, bungalows and villas with personal care. But you have to not be a nudist to experience a successful holiday here.

The official nudism resort Charco del Palo is a place where you can get natural and, of course naked easy! Or not, because here in Charco del Palo is not compulsory to be naked. Every so as he would like.